Luxury ties that help bring function back to fashion!


Kickstarter "REVO neckties with storage. Make James Bond jealous!"

Thank you for all of the feedback you've sent! The James Bond tie, and an awesome Father's Day gift project has launched!

Check it out:
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Kickstarter Plans in Action

After receiving lots of positive feedback we've decided to go all out with a Kickstarter campaign which would increase our style options, quality, and advance the technology behind the neckties. The funding will commence on February 28th, 2014. Let's put function back to fashion!
Thank you!


Eximium Ties

One day we were sitting at work and realized how uncomfortable our wallets were. Then the thought of having your essentials on the back of our ties came to mind. Our neckties discreetly fit your ID, credit, debit card, and another ID on the bottom pocket. In addition a top pocket has been added for your smaller items such as cash or other small items. In the future we hope to increase our line of neckties as well as offer other amenities to make your life better.